Collection: Electric & Custom Lift Trucks Catalog

Superlift Material Handling will engineer a custom solution that works for you. Here are some examples of previous contracts. Please contact us for additional details.

Electic and Custom Lift Trucks
59 products
  • Double Reach Lift Truck
    Double Reach Lift Truck
  • Reach Trucks
    Reach Trucks
  • SL XE Fork Over
    SL XE Fork Over
  • SL XE Straddle
    SL XE Straddle
  • Sit Down Rider Truck
    Sit Down Rider Truck
  • Bale Clamp
    Electri Straddle Stacker 05T with bale clamp
  • Electric Straddle Stacker
    Electric Straddle Stacker
  • Straddle Stackers
    Straddle Stackers
  • Electric Platform Truck
    Electric Platform Truck
  • Pallet Truck
    Pallet Truck
  • Rider Platform Truck
    Rider Platform Truck
  • Long pallet truck
    Long pallet truck
  • Towing Tractor
    Towing Tractor
  • Electric Towing Tractor
    Electric Towing Tractor
  • Electric Straddle Stacker
    Electric Straddle Stacker
  • Towing Tugger
    Towing Tugger
  • Tool Carrier
    Tool Carrier
  • Low Profile Platform truck
    Low Profile Platform truck
  • Conveyor Trucks
    Conveyor Trucks
  • Platform Truck
    Custom Platform Truck - Superlift Material Handling
  • Heavy Duty Trailers
    Custom Trailers - Superlift Material Handling
  • Custom Pallet Trucks
    Custom Pallet Trucks
  • Electric Reach Stacker
    Electric Reach Stacker
  • Roll Lifts
    Roll Lifts
  • Towing Tractors
    Towing Tractors
  • Drum Dumpers
    Drum Dumpers
  • Fork Over Stackers
    EE Rated Fork Over - Superlift Material Handling
  • Paper Roll Transporter
    Paper Roll Transporter
  • Roll Handler
    Roll Handler
  • Paper Roll Truck
    Paper Roll Truck
  • Clamp Lift Truck
    Clamp Lift Truck
  • Walkie Reach Truck
    Walkie Reach Truck