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Ground Level Column Platform Lifts

Superlift Ground Level Platform lifts are an effective way to move pallets, carts, drums and containers from ground level to mezzanine level positions 

Superlift  column lifts can reach separate floors, elevated charging chutes and positions both above and below processing equipment.  Our line of sanitary ground level column platform lifts will take load up to 3000 lbs from ground level to your process areas.  We also have low level column lift for elevation changes where stairs exist and handling loads is an impossibility.  

Full 304L or 316L stainless with sanitary finishes ideal for clean room applications, our platform lifts include options for a variety of interlocked gates and barriers, making them safe, secure and ready to access any process area.

Ground Level stainless steel stationary column lifts installed are able to be loaded with a pallet truck.  Equipped with simple and easy to maintain control systems,  Full electric or Electric hydraulic systems and Pneumatic operation available for EE or EX clean rooms.

Non Sparking options and lifts height so meet your specifications. Superlift column lifts are have continuous welds and are tig welded for the most sanitary clean room requirements.