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This multi-directional reach truck features a variable fork. It does not require right-angle turns, even when working in narrow aisles. This particular forklift offers an outstanding maneuverability and efficiency.

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The Electric Multi-directional Reach Truck is suitable for stacking in narrow aisle and carrying long materials. The lifting height can be chose from 8’ to 34 ½’.

The Electric Multi-directional Reach Truck can not only completely replace regular forklifts but also drive in multiple directions. This truck is a great choice for the goods between 118” to 33’ of length such metal profiles, plates, glass plates, pipes, etc.



  • 48V full AC system, rapid response, accurate  steering angle control, high electrical integration, low energy consumption
  • Made in America spool, precise hydraulic control meets the requirements of AGC application
  • Electrical modular control technology, CAN bus communication, easier for AGV modification
  •  Load wheel equipped with the five-stage steering deceleration. Small control current, precise and controllable steering angle, effectively extend the service life of the steering motor
  • Real-time-full-wheels display, easy to operate the precise direction in narrow aisle, safe and reasonable high recognition
  • Double clutch driving brake and parking brake make the deceleration brake more stable and more secure
  • Man-machine engineering simulation design, comfortable operation and excellent driving experience
  • Features

    Safety: This forklift is equipped with an all-wheel steering display system and all wheel braking system, as well as a real-time monitoring of the driving wheel position to ensure a stable, reliable performance.

    Stability: Ride-on three pivots and equipped with an imported controller, it features an excellent control performance and stability.

    Efficient: This forklift enters the lane as long as 10,000mm for material pickup. Required passage lengths are reduced by 1/3 compared to ordinary forward moving forklifts, allowing for a doubling of material storage in the warehouse.

    Energy saving: With an all-wheel electronic steering, this forklift saves energy in an energy reduction, thus improving the vehicle service life with no risk of oil leaks.

    Ergonomics: It features a finger switch / integrated handle control, HMI human-computer interaction interface, and a reasonable functional area division to reduce driver fatigue intensity.