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Electric Lift Trucks

Superlift Walk Behind counterbalance forklift is designed for loads up to 15000 lbs and provides increased maneuverability.  Superlift walk behind version offers the operator better handling and Turing radius than a sit down unit . Standard  Lift heights to 144 inches and Engineered lifts to 188 inches of lift height with added reach if required. Superlift makes a full line of specialty electric lift trucks. Power steering as standard for easy all day operation with ergonomic handles and off the shelf components, Superlift is the solution your facility has been looking for 


Basic information

Load: 1000/1500/2000 kg
Max lifting height: 5500 mm
Fork length: 1150 mm
HS code: 8427102000
Certificate: CE/SGS/ISO9001

Detail features

1. Multifunctional handle
The multifunctional handle is imported from Germany. It has integrated control functions including a speed button, horn button, emergency reversing button and lifting button. The handle has an emergency reversing button which can effectively protect the operators from being hurt in accident involving falling items. The handle can realize braking both in vertical and horizontal position. The human-machine design is quite safe and the operation is more comfortable.

2. Strong power
This stacker adopts high efficiency motor which can be precisely controlled and the output power is strong. The turning control can be optionally equipped with EPS. It can help the driver with turning by using electronic control device to produce auxiliary power of relative level and direction according to the torque signal and speed signal. So the operation of the driver can be more convenient and precise and the movement can be more stable and reliable.

3. Superior gradeability
The powerful motor and 5 wheel stacker structure can provide superior stability and gradeability, so that the truck can have sufficient gradeability when it is fully loaded.

4. Buffered pedal
The foldable pedal can save space when the stacker is not in use. It can also effectively protect the drivers from being effected by the bumping and give feedback to the driver with the road condition.

5. Dual balance wheel device
This stacker is equipped with a dual balance wheel so that it can overcome roadblocks easier and the running can be more stable.

6. Emergency power-off switch
The power can be rapidly cut off in emergency to ensure safety.