ClickCease 6 Ton Electric Tow Tractor Without Cabin – Superlift Material Handling
6 Ton Electric Tow Tractor Without Cabin
6 Ton Electric Tow Tractor Without Cabin
6 Ton Electric Tow Tractor Without Cabin

6 Ton Electric Tow Tractor Without Cabin



Superlift SLXTH60 6 Ton Stand Up Electric Tow Tractor Without Cabin is the ideal vehicle for fields where rapid and efficient transfer of various trailer loads are required, including industrial and commercial facilities and special repair workshops. Constructed for durability and consistent reliability, this tractor is mainly used for towing and order picking and it is especially suitable for goods that move in the continuous flow. The use of this truck is popular in automobile industry and logistic industry where just-in-time principles are needed.


  • Wide and comfortable seat designed to relieve fatigue caused by long periods of operation and it also improves overall driving comfort.
  • Short distance micro motion control function helps the driver to control slow moving forward or backward by touching and holding inching switch without stepping on an accelerator.n.
  • Side loading and unloading of storage battery that effectively reduces the changing time of batteries making the tugger more efficient and suitable for working conditions which features high work intensity.
  • Transistor control system offers smooth acceleration, as well as improves battery efficiency.
  • Three-wheel construction and a short wheelbase provide a tight turning radius for maximum maneuverability and control in confined work environments.
  • Center pin mounted front axle provides a smoother ride.