ClickCease 4 Ton Electric Tow Tractor With Cabin – Superlift Material Handling
4 Ton Electric Tow Tractor With Cabin
4 Ton Electric Tow Tractor With Cabin

4 Ton Electric Tow Tractor With Cabin


Superlift SLXTA40 4 Ton Tow Tractor With Cabin is an ideal choice for applications requiring the rapid and efficient transfer of multiple trailer loads in various industrial and commercial applications as well as specialized repair workshops.


  • Loading capacity up to 4 tons
  • Suitable for goods that move in the continuous flow
  • Advanced integrated drive and control system ensure reliable performance and high efficiency
  • Wheelbase provides a tight turning radius for maximum maneuverability and control in confined work environments
  • Rear bridge drive unit provides this 4 ton tow tractor with excellent power and gradeability
  • Ergonomically designed compartment allows easy operation of all controls and pedals to help reduce operators’ fatigue
  • Equipped with forward lever or reverse lever and floor-mounted accelerator pedal which provide fast and easy direction control changes
  • Installed with heavy duty suspension seat with arms, multi-angle back support, sliding base and safety belt to improve the operator’s comfort and safety
  • Low step height allows for easy entry and exit

Small-diameter steering wheel provides effortless steering of this electric tow tractor