ClickCease Stainless Steel Pallet Lifts Self Adjusting – Superlift Material Handling
Stainless Steel Pneumatic Lift Table - Superlift Material Handling
Stainless Steel Pneumatic Lift Table - Superlift Material Handling

Stainless Steel Pallet Lifts Self Adjusting



Superlift stainless steel lift tables can be used for applications that require sanitary washdown for constant cleanliness. Superlift Stainless steel lift tables are being used throughout the world in pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, bakery plants, laboratories, animal pharma, and cosmetic facilities. They are used for ergonomic positioning of ingredients for batch making or continuous production. We don’t provide you with one product to meet your need. We have hundreds of lift table designs and will modify or engineer your solution. We have done this for all the large, food, pharma, and related industries. We also are less expensive than most of our competition and the reason is that we do this every day, it is our business. They do it occasionally or buy from other companies and put their name on it.

Our lift tables are preferred in Ready to Eat rooms, clean rooms and laboratories and they will return your investment back faster and longer. Superlift lift tables are tig welded and fully welded and are produced with your sanitation team in mind. We were taught by your industry to build the cleanest table in the world and we encourage any side by side comparison there really is no competition.

Plate scissor arm construction for lower capacities and single lifts, to the Patented Superlift Z beam for double and triple lifts providing strength and yet no enclosed or sandwided material. We don’t use Tube in our double and triple lift tables and they can be cleaned faster than any other lift table in the market.

Washdown or stainless steel motors, air powered, spark proof, Ex, we can give you what you need. Clean Delrin rollers with a bearing are used to eliminate any chance of rust, no Teflon bushings are used which will leak rust, we use long life bearings and we bolt them in so that in 5 years if they need replacing, that is a 10 minutes job by taking the bolt out and putting it back in. We don’t hold you captive on parts and parts for the power pack are available worldwide.

Options include rotators, tilers, sanitation feet, bellows, roller conveyor

Capacities to 6000 lbs in our standard, double and triple lifts and as high as 216 inches. Custom capacities up to 20,000 lbs are available

Whether you need ground level, low profile, self-adjusting, double, triple, mini, heavy duty, powered drive, or need something new, Superlift will provide a solution for your application. Send if your request today to our application sales manager and we will be in contact today.


  • Heavy Duty all welded frames
  • Delrin bushings
  • Lifetime guarantee on Firestone Airbags
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy operation


  • Larger Capacities
  • Turn Tables
  • Safety Skirts
  • Larger Platforms
  • Ball Transfer
  • Tandem Lifts
  • Portable Units