Walkie Straddle Stacker SLPPW Low Profile Pallet Walkie
Fork Over Stacker WS Series Walkie Pallet Truck
Platform Truck SP Series Seated / Stand Up Pallet Truck
SLTT Tow Tractor / SLETT Seated Tow Tractor
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WS Series Walkie Pallet Truck

• 4,000 to 15,000 lb capacity
• All drive functions including speed forward and reverse, braking and steering are at the operators finger tips. The handle grips are protected by a wraparound guard
• The conveniently placed butterfly controls provide percise control of the speed of the truck
• Moving the handle control within 10 degrees of the vertical or horizontal position activates an electromagnetic disc brake
• All controls return to neutral when the operator leaves the truck
• A safety reverse button, located at the end of the control handle, moves the truck away from the operator when activated
• 9" x 31" x 23.5" battery compartment
• Battery compartment rollers
• 27" x 48" forks
• 24 V stepless electronic speed control
• Tamdem load wheels
• Helper rollers for fork
• Key switch with pilot light
• Hour meter
• Larger capacities available


SLPPW Low Profile Pallet Walkie

• True 4-way pallet entry, ideal for 10" x 2.25" stringer notches
• 2,000 to 5,000 lb capacity
• UL583 Classified for fire and electrical shock hazard
• 9" x 31" 23.5" battery compartment (Pw)
• Gears run in a consistent oil bath
• Complies with all ASME B56.1 Part III safety standards
• Load wheels 4" Dia. x 2.87"
• Tandem Load wheels
• Key switch with pilot light
• Hour meter, battery discharge indicator
• Electric Speed control using MOSFET technology
• Series wound Class H tractor motor vertically mounted


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