9. Head Room Protection Forms an upper level barrier. In fully raised position the goal post is sized to allow for a 7' clear headroom for personnel.

10. Electro Mechanical Toegaurd For installation where the platform is flush with the floor or ground in the raised position, the table is equipped with limit switch to stop lift from lowering.

11. Hinged Swing Gate The gate is self-closing and latching to provide a safe enclosure for an operator and attendant load to travel 10' maximum between levels.

12. Fork Pockets Makes the table easy to transport with a forklift or hand pallet truck.

13. Bellows Accordion Curtain Protects the table from dust and dirt in
exposed environments. Protects scissor mechanism and other working parts of machine.

14. Roller Conveyor A roller bed or other conveyer top (e.g. chain or belt) driven for placement in conveyor systems.

15. Chain Mesh Curtain Chain mesh can be fitted to the underside of lift platform which prevents access to scissor mechanism and other working parts of machine.

16. Photo Eye Control System A photo-electronic beam transmitter and reflector supplied, loose or post mounted, for automatic ergonomic positioning.


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